Friday, January 19, 2007

Tomorrow is not promised...

Things are slowly returning to routine. The extreme weather has settled down, reverting to it's predictable winter forecast of rain. Who would think we Seattleites would embrace 40 degrees and rainy?

The kids had their first full day of school yesterday and I got some work done. I have a full weekend of showings booked, which always makes me feel more financially secure. It occurs to me that I've been living by faith for a lot of years now. I haven't had a "real" job since 1994 when Kris, Kelsey, and I left Seattle for Colorado Springs to attend Bible College. I was thirty three, Kris was six, and Kelsey was three.

My friend pointed out yesterday that really, everyone is financially insecure...none of us knows what tomorrow will bring. As the Bible says, we aren't promised tomorrow. I don't know if that encourages me or scares me more!

Depending on my mood, I guess I could go either way. But if I look back over the years of my walk with God, I clearly see His faithfulness to me, and to my children. That doesn't mean I have bunches of bucks in vast accounts - I don't have any savings, actually. And that does sometimes keep me up at night.

But, I know He is faithful, and He is working on our future here and beyond. I trust Him. Even though I'm getting older, and don't see how all this will work out. My biggest failing (as I see it today) is in not fully appreciating each day I do have. I really want to live while I'm alive...

In that spirit, I'm going to try a few adventures this year. For one thing, I love to snowboard, and plan on getting back out to the mountains at least once more this winter. We got in some night boarding the day after Christmas. It was GREAT snow, and I did better than ever.

Can't wait to get out again.

The other thing I really want to try is kayaking or rowing one of those boats that have the moving seats...I'm bound and determined to. Stay tuned for more details!

But my major, major goal is to finish my book. One way or another, it's gonna happen - if I have anything to say about it!

Current Status: Trusting God
Listening to: My little rat-dog, Ricky growling at Kameron (Ricky has some trust issues of his own)

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