Thursday, January 11, 2007

Snow Day!!!

Hi Gang! surprise, it was a snow day. Witness my front yard:

Truly a beautiful day here. Sunny, crisp, and slippery. We spent a lot of time this afternoon watching cars slip and slide and get stuck on my street. I would have set out lawn chairs and broke out a thermos of hot chocolate, but I don't have any lawn chairs yet. I left them in Colorado - you know, that cold, snowy state?

It was challenging getting any work done. Funny that the little people you are working so hard to support have no clue why you can't spend every spare nanosecond paying attention to them. It can be really hard working at home...but it's worth it. I did end up getting some showings for Saturday. That makes me feel better. If I don't have a client looking at homes, I don't have a deal on the horizon. That's our paycheck.

I got some work done on my book yesterday. The main character keeps changing (I hate the word evolving, but really that's what she's doing). She's morphed from a petite young strawberry
blond to a thirty-ish somewhat round woman. Her name has changed, her position in the birth order of her family, where she get the picture.

Maybe I need to just make some firm decisions and go forward...

Then again, maybe I should just hang out here on the fence a little longer...

Decisions, decisions.

On the TIVO: Grey's Anatomy (a new episode)
Status: Content with my lot.

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