Tuesday, January 02, 2007

How it's going...

Well, day one. Things I did right today:

I jogged in my living room 200 steps (actually, it was 400, I only counted the right foot).

I worked on my book. Just how many times I can change my main character's name remains to be seen.

I only ate two pieces of cake rather than the three I really wanted.

And, I wrote out the monthly expenses for my eighteen year old foster daughter to see (thus working on the financial control goal). This really is progress, because usually I try to avoid thinking about just how far short I am each month of actually having enough to pay the bills. Writing them down is half-way to a budget, isn't it?

Oh, and I posted here. That's the fun part of the day. That, and finding the name McCormickhuentelman in the Dex white pages for the metro Seattle area. True story. Check it out. Page 751.

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  1. sansui10:49 PM

    Well i must say that this is a very profound blod. I like the searching for a name of your character i think it build the relationship nesseary when writing a novel. I also must say that Mccormikhuentelman is a great name. as a matter of fact its my best friends name. thank you for your very cool blog. keep up the ravenous blogging.