Monday, January 01, 2007

Another New Year...

So here's my take on this New Year thing. After more than forty of them, I'm kind of maxed out on the resolution deal. Too many promises to myself that I've broken.

I don't want to "resolve" anything this year but to keep track of What I Did Right Today.

My current lifetime goals are:

1. To take care of myself
2. To take care of my children

The things that I want to do that fit into those two categories are:

- Writing daily
- Losing weight (moving my expanding butt in some fashion EVERY day)
- Keeping my house from falling apart (literally)
- Getting our finances under control
- Staying in relationship with God
- Working on keeping on top of all the appointments and stuff the kids need (since they have some special needs, that is important, but can really be consuming)
- Having FUN every day

I (like most of my fellow humans) tend to focus on all the undone piles of crap (literal and figurative) at the end of every day. This can lead to strong impulses to slam my head against the wall. You know, I've never noticed dogs looking frustrated or depressed by this kind of stuff...but that's a topic for another day.

Hopefully, keeping track of the Things I Did Right Today will train my eyes to focus more on the positive movement -however minuscule - toward my goals, and help me keep my cranium intact.

God bless us, every one in 2007!

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