Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Things I Did Right Today

It was a good day...I spent some time working and some time reading.

The kids went back to school FINALLY. Not that I don't love my children, but long periods of exposure to each other during rainy weather (when the trampoline and back yard are under a few feet of water) tends to make us all a little tired of togetherness.

We had a good Christmas. My son, who turned twenty today, came to visit for the break. He makes everything happier. He's a typical guy who loves anything Adam Sandler and Will Ferrell. He's going to college on a partial athletic scholarship for basketball. I know that if he could avoid the educational part, and just play basketball, Halo, and snowboard, he'd be a really contented camper...oh well. Wouldn't we all enjoy life more if we could play all day?

His attitude is so refreshing. It lifts me out of the intense "reality" of daily life and helps me relax. He flew back to Colorado on New Year's Day...I miss him.

He lucked out, the b-ball practice he flew back for was canceled (due to snow), so he and his friends spent one day on the streets of Denver sledding (!) and a second day snowboarding at Beaver Creek.

That I raised him - alone - for seventeen of his twenty years, and that he is a well-adjusted, happy young man who is in school, keeping his grades up, figuring out his future, and having fun makes me feel great.

That's what I did right today. I had a baby boy twenty years ago tonight. I wasn't (and still am not) a "perfect" mom. I yelled sometimes when I was scared, tired, and lonely. I never felt like I was there enough -working two and sometimes three jobs, going back to school at night when he was five. I tried to find creative ways to be a "real" mommy: I made cakes from scratch for his first birthday one for the daycare and one for us, signed him up for baseball, and actually coached his pee-wee soccer club for a season. Considering I've never played soccer, I thought that was above and beyond the call. Thankfully, he's turned out alright in spite of my efforts

More than alright. He's something I really did do right today.

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