Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday Afternoon....

Lovely day. I love Sundays. The initial getting everyone out the door thing is a bit hairy, but once we are all there, and lined up in our two pews, worshiping together and listening to our Pastor bring the Word, I always feel a tender contentment creep up over my soul.

Kobi, Klaryssia, Kelsey and Kameron sit in front of my pew and Kami (Kris' s girlfriend), Kris, and I sit behind them. Over the years, I've learned that sitting this way makes the occasional behavior modification activity easier. In other words, if I need to yell at someone, it's easier to get to the offending party if I'm seated behind them. Plus, then I can whisper firmly rather than actually yell.

Now we're all home. Typically, I make tuna melt sandwiches with sharp cheddar cheese, which we have with chips and fruit, or, like today, hard boiled eggs.

It's so nice to have a day of rest - a Sabbath Day - to focus on God and on each other. We don't necessarily have a day filled with the singing of praise songs (although the kids have a song from children's church stuck in their heads), or a day set aside to memorize scriptures. What we do is slow down, remember Him, and remember - in a quiet and unfussy way - that we have each other.

At least, that's what I do. I'm not sure if the kids get it yet, but maybe when they are old, they'll remember these Sunday afternoons and smile.

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