Saturday, April 05, 2008

Settling in For the Long Haul

Isn't this a cool yet creepy pic? I just love it!

I'm back at work on my book. No "scheduled" time to write yet, but I'm working on fitting in the time (boy, doesn't that sound like a cop-out). Actually, I do have a strange life and schedule. Between the kids, fostering on-call, working part time for my church, and doing all that pesky maintenance-stuff like grocery shopping, laundry, etc, I don't have a nicely organized calendar.

But that's no excuse for not writing. So, my current baby step goal for my writing life is to find/make/set time up for working on The Book.

It's in the roughing it out stage. I have my main characters and my setting, and I'm pretty sure I have my crime and plot line firm. But this book writing can be a slippery business. Just when you think you have all of the above figured out, some stray thought comes along like a banana peel, and you step right on it and fall on your hiney. If you're not careful, you've re-written the whole thing without having anything written to re-write!

SO, my initial baby step should probably be staying the course with my original idea. At least through the first rough draft - right? Be like Nike: JUST DO IT!

I'll let you know how it goes...

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