Thursday, April 03, 2008

Putting Off the Old...

I've been working on this Thin Within program ( since January. It's a faith-based approach to weight loss. At least that's how it's billed. Truly, it's an intense, grace-filled approach to addressing the silent starvation inside our souls that leads to our ravenous consumption of ANYTHING we can find to fill ourselves up - spiritually speaking of course.

Most adults are aware (at least we have niggling suspicions) that we use stuff - food, alcohol, sex, maybe drugs, definitely spending - to feel better about life. We spend countless hours trying to avoid facing the emptiness in our souls; the pain that gnaws away at our inner lives. Well, at least I have. Maybe I'm the only one?

But Thin Within takes on those needs and hungers head on. The workbook takes you on a journey inside, to see if you will let God, your Father and Creator, gently, gently expose and heal those scary wounds that lurk within. The wounds that have been there for years - decades maybe - that are festering and stinking up our insides. These old wounds may seem trivial and insignificant, but our psyche thinks they are horrific enough to need protection from; and most of us try very hard to protect ourselves - thus the eating and spending and drinking.

I just had to share that there is a way out of these destructive cycles that doesn't involve slapping more bandages on the stinky sores. A way to deal grace-fully with the real issues rather than try yet another self-disciplining program (that, let's face it, most of us fail miserably at). A way to grow closer to our Father who loves us passionately and completely. He will help you heal ALL the inner wounds, and give you some solid ground to stand on. Up where the air is clear and free.
And they say it's just a weight-loss program!

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