Thursday, March 30, 2006

Workin' hard

Status - trying not to be pissed.

Whew! Got in many runs yesterday...

Also got three good (according to my 19 year-old) falls. Two on my back and one on my front. Missed my face, but I'm pretty sure I bruised a rib. Oh well, that's the price you pay for throwing caution to the winds and having a great time.

I did manage to remember the sunscreen this trip. So my nose and chin aren't quite as red as ususal.

The mountain got about six new inches this morning, and the report is clear and in the 40's for tomorrow, so we're looking forward to at least two more days on the slopes. Yippee!!

We have way too many people in this cabin, though. People are starting to get tired of each other, you can totally see it. I, myself, would love to be on my own, but since I have all these children, it doesn't ususally pan out that way. Bummer, but life is seldom 100% the way we'd like it.

I am excited to get home to work on my book, however. Vacation is not as fun when you have ideas percolating and want to spend some serious time noodling them out -- alone.

Ah well...another day.

On the i-pod: Ain't Nothing 'Bout You by by Brooks & Dunn (I like country music from time-to-time!)


PS - My search for suspects led to a serious plot revision so I could get some. Problem solved.

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