Friday, March 17, 2006

Just another sunny day!

Ahh...Just another sunny winter day in Colorado. It's supposed to snow over the weekend. I've lived here ten years and I'm still not used to the strange weather. It can be in the sixties today and then snow four inches tomorrow.

Never boring.

My book is coming along well. I'm blocking out my plot, I'm not a huge fan of concrete outlines, but if I don't have something to work off of I can get distracted. You know, shiny object syndrome.

I'm liking my characters, getting help from the Seattle PD (yay! And thank you again!), and absolutely LOVE Google Earth . For those who don't know, it's a free program from Google that gives you gps-type maps of anywhere in the world. The pictures are great, and it's FREE!!

All the kids are finally well and back in school, just in time for Spring Break which starts for us on the 24th. We are heading for the mountains to get some last runs for the season. Three of us snowboard, and the little ones and those who are disabled, will tube it! The mountains are getting a ton of late season snow, and the sun will be out. It's a great time of year to board or ski.

I have to give props to Colorado for this. I miss the water in Seattle, and even the rain, but I do love the snow here!

Have a marvy St. Patties day!

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