Thursday, March 23, 2006

Where I confess...

I have a confession. I watch the reality daytime show: Starting Over.

The show is set in a large home in California (LA, 'notch). Six women who want help getting rid of negative, destructive patterns in their lives (or who want to achieve some long-lost dream), get daily coaching and assignments while we look on. I get so invested in their lives and watching them overcome their demons.

I should be writing.

The book is changing (again). I started laying out scenes, and saw all kinds of flaws...It will be a better, stronger book.

Started data bases of character names and reasons why people kill. Next is methods of killing. My contact with the SPD is awesome! She is so quick to respond to my emails, and so thorough in her answers. Just wonderful. update: Today it is about 60, snow melting all over the place. Goofy. It was -10 (with wind chill) on Monday. We have the most bizarre weather...


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