Thursday, April 06, 2006

One Swollen Gland...

Yeah, right. So, the kids go back to school, and I get a major (really major) ear infection. I'm talking lots of antibiotics, and shots in the hiney for pain.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to the doctor soon enough, and my ear drum popped. So the past few days I've been walking around with a tissue hanging out of my ear soaking up the ooze, and taking horse-sized pills of Ibuprofen and Vicodin (which I NEVER take. Honest, never).

If this is how my kids feel when they get an ear infection, I will be infinitely more supportive of them the next time. Owie.

Not getting much writing done, but I am catching up on sleep.

Today I woke up and accomplished a few things. Like laundry, checking my emails and doing some dishes. And thankfully, tonight I'm thinking book. That's comforting. I thought I'd never think about anything except my ear ever again.

Thinking is the first step. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to actually look at my material and figure out where I am in it. Then, maybe Saturday, I can think some more and get some kind of word count accomplished.

It's good to have goals. I mean besides keeping the oozing stuff off my bedding and trying to remember when to take my next dose of medication.

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