Saturday, May 02, 2009

Rainy Saturdays

Sorry for all the parent talk, but since I appear to be a life-long mom, and now have these freaky little boys, it's on my mind a lot.

Today, Kobi and Andrew are wearing t-shirts on their heads and shaking their "booties". Let me be clear, I don't watch much "bootie shaking" on TV. I am not a proponent of "bootie shaking", although, in my sordid past, I was. So where this nonsense is coming from is a mystery to me. Why can't they just play with trucks and guns like other boys?

Meanwhile, Kameron is sitting on the toilet screaming and laughing. I expect him to momentarily start turning around to view his poop (another boy thing, I guess), which will lead to smears on the see where this is going. Yuck.

Meanwhile, I'm doing laundry, wiping down tables, helping my 21 year old with a three page essay - over the din.

Such is a rainy Saturday in the Rainwater manse. My monologue consist of lots of "NO", "Go to your room", "Stay out of his room", "Don't pull down your pants", mixed in with a generous helping of "No running in the house" and, that classic, "BECAUSE I SAID SO".

Helping with chores? Sweet pancake breakfasts as a family? Perhaps a family outing?


I need to get out more. Or someday, people will be hearing about us on the evening news. Just kidding.

I think.

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