Sunday, May 31, 2009

Field Trip Fun . . . Day Two

Okay, here it is! The promised post on our Field Trip
Fun, Day Dos. This is Kameron's third grade class:

Note that it's much smaller than Kobi's. Also of note, we got Naturalist Rhonda again! Of course, I'm the only one who understood the significance of that fact, since I'm the only one who saw her the day before, but I thought it was cool. No word from Rhonda on how she felt about it.

Ms. Parnell is Kam's teacher. She's the lady in the back wearing pink and looking vigilant. She looks vigilant in most of the pictures I took that day...this is a good thing. Her class is very mobile and active. Vigilance is called for. Believe me.

Rhonda is giving instructions on how to treat the beach. The teachers are wondering if Rhonda knows what she's up against. The kids look like they are paying attention...heck, maybe they are! Note here that Kameron is not in the picture. Kameron was already "acting up" (aka, being a butt-head). He was hanging with me. Not fun, I hope.

Here is Kameron returning to the group.
It took him a minute to warm up.
Finally, he gets on board. . .

and okay, let's look for sea creatures!

After some initial hesitation - she didn't want to get her feet wet - Taylor decides she's into this.

Here she is trying to meet a tube worm. . .

that didn't go so well, on accounta that "don't squish the tube worm rule",

so she and Allison explore the kelp.

Meanwhile, some of the boys are looking high

and low. . .

for signs of life.

Yonny double-checks his guide.

There weren't many creatures to be
found this day. Bummer.

But Kameron didn't care. He got a piggy-back from Kelsey.
As far as Kam's concerned, any Kelsey-time is a good time.

Back down at the shore with the group, Kam wonders why the HECK he CAN'T throw sand,
Ms. Parnell? What's the dealieo with that?

Eventually, I'm sure, the class did find sea life. But by then, Kameron was back on dry land, having exhausted his chances to be "good". Such a relative term, isn't it? Good/Shmud. You say Potato, I say Tomato. Right?

They did appear to be having fun, though.

And for the munchkins in Ms. Parnell's third grade class at Hazel Valley Elementary, any and all field trips are most welcome. These little dudes and dudettes just love being outside with people who care about them. That's the best fun.

Thanks again, Seahurst Park and Naturalist Rhonda.

And to Ms. Parnell, her asst. teachers, and the kids in Kameron's third grade class, thank you for letting me come on your awesome adventure! See you next year, I hope!

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