Saturday, November 07, 2009

Wordle Fun

I found this site, through a new blog I'm following: To the Max
Max is Ellen and Dave's very special son. He had a stroke at birth and so he's got some stuff to overcome, but he's doing an amazing job!

I love the word cloud/tag cloud idea. Predictably, my blog has a ton of Kameron, children, kids and Kobi. Not that surprisingly there are a few buses, and homes, and schools. I am sad that God isn't bigger - but again, I guess it's not so surprising. I haven't been talking about Him much lately. . .

Both sites are worth a look. Enjoy!


  1. You seem like a lot of fun. :) I've got four kids and I totally get the hiding out gig! I should be sleeping and I'm blog hopping. Bad Mom! I hope you find a way to get back on track with the Lord. It is the funky dance between life, faith and priorities eh?
    Jessie at Blog Schmog

  2. Me, too Jessie. What's funny - or maybe not so funny - is my daughter Kesley is mirroring my early walk...I may write about it.

    Thanks for reading! I'm glad you hopped by! =)