Thursday, April 23, 2009

Personality Inventory

So, some time back, I participated in this personality inventory thing with my older kids. We had to bare the depths of our souls - through multiple choice. I hate those things. Doesn't it seem like they are trying to trick you? They ask the same darned question seven different times in seven different ways and think they have you fooled.

Anyway, one of the questions was are you more: kind, compassionate, thoughtful, or tactful. Something like that. So, being the inquisitive girl that I am, I asked my son, Kris, who I thought knew me better than probably anyone else, how he thought I should answer. I was leaning toward compassionate. Perhaps thoughtful. His response was a

He said, "Well, you sure aren't tactful".

Whoa there, big fella. What are you talking about? I'm exceedingly tactful, aren't I? I mean, I don't lie about stuff. Don't candy-coat it, you know. But, I'm ah, loving and ah, nice about it...Umm maybe I'm a wee little bit blunt...but ah, crap. Okay, so maybe I'm not tactful. Sometimes.

But what's the big deal? The definition of tact says something about dealing with others with diplomacy, and a delicate and considerate perception of what is appropriate. I'm almost six feet tall. I have a size twelve foot. How darned delicate can I be? And usually I don't have time to try to figure out what's "appropriate".

Who thinks these stupid tests up, anyway?

Next question?

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  1. Michelle W.7:18 AM

    Again K, I think we are right there together! One time my sister asked the whole family about her new hair-do, I honestly answered her that I didn't like it. My step-dad was so mad that I wasn't "nice". "Couldn't you just tell her that you liked it?" Um, NO! That would be lying, and thank you for letting me know who NOT to ask next time I wonder how I look. Yo would let me walk out into the world looking like the biggest ass, just to be "nice." I prefer the honesty, thank you.